13ª ExpoVacaciones 2016
San Salvador, El Salvador, 9 y 10 de julio de 2016
Advantages for Exhibitors
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Advantages for the Exhibitors of ExpoVacaciones.

At a very low cost of participation, lower than that of a press ad in black and white, the tourism entrepreneur can make use of an efective tool for the promotion of his business in a direct and personal way with his potential costumers.

The public who visits ExpoVacaciones, is virtually a captive market, since they are persons who go exclusevely to this fair because they are interested in the vacational tourism subject.
As every year, it will be held in the International Convention Center and Fairgrounds, because it is a place which is very well known by the Salvadorean public. It is easily accessible, with very good transport facilities, large parking facilities and counts with the necessary security to visit it with the family. 
On the other hand, by doing it there, it happens the contrary of doing it in other places of high traffic of pedestrians, for example the shoping centers, where people go looking to buy other kind of goods, without any interest for tourism. They simply pass by, or even worse, they may pick some brochures and then, without any interest, throw it a couple of minutes later in the trash. But this causes the consequent increase in printing costs for the exhibitor. 
It is a tourism trade show unique in its kind in the whole Centralamerican Region, because it is focused to the public. This achieves the direct promotion of the business and the human relationship for the build up of confidence between the service provider and the final consumer, which has proved to be so necessary in the world of tourism, vacations and recreation.
Since it is directed to the family, it is always held on weekends. This faccilitates the attendance with the family group and even serves as a leisure time because of the variety of products and services exhibited and the performances of arts, music, handcrafts, promotions, food, raffles and others.
ExpoVacaciones was created 13 years ago as an instrument for the development of tourism, presenting to the businessmen of products, destinations and services a very useful and efficient tool to promote their services and to establish business contacts in a direct way with their consumers.

The fair is oriented to the salvadorean public. Because of that, it is always held the month before its August vacations, which are the dates in which Salvadoreans travel the most with their families. So this is the best time when they are mentally most receptive and in search of information, contacts and even reservations and purchases for their vacations.

ExpoVacaciones counts also with the official support of the Ministry of Tourism, CORSATUR, Central American Tourism Federation and all the other most important tourism associations. Press conferences are been held, as well as news bulletins distributed and it is also backed up with an intense advertising campaign. Mass media are been used such as major newspapers, radio, T.V. and other, but also additional support media like massive email campaigns, Internet and outdoor (flyers, billboards, giant banners, etc.)
All of these activities before the dates of the trade show, are fully planned to properly inform the public and to generate the necessary flow of people for the event.

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Remember: The registrations deadline is June 22th 

Organizing Committee of ExpoVacaciones
Phones: (503) 2263-8937 (503) 7883-5071 (503) 7894-5317
Fax: (503) 2263-8937 Email: info@expovacaciones.net 

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