13ª ExpoVacaciones 2016
San Salvador, El Salvador, 9 y 10 de julio de 2016
Support for Small Lodges
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Support for Small Lodges
With the purpose to contribute to the promotion and development of the smaller lodging companies, the Organizing Committee has decided to facilitate the participation conditions, in accordance to the tourist programs parameters established by the OAS as follows:
Lodging establishments with an installed capacity of:
        Up to 15 Rooms: May share the same exposition booth up to a maximum of 4 companies.
        Up to 30 Rooms: May share the same exposition booth up to a maximum of 2 companies.
However, participants must take under consideration that all booths will have the same standard dimensions and equipment as all others in the fair. Every booth is 3 meters front by 2 meters deep, and has a small table and two chairs. If anybody needs to rent more chairs or other items please contact us, we will be glad to help you.
For the reservation of the exhibitor booths, we will strictly only accept the full payment of the booth (US$ 485 plus 13% tax), and sharing companies under the above mentioned conditions will have to see how to collect among them, in order to pay us, in only one payment, the full amount of the booth in the established deadlines.
All other terms and conditions of participation apply to all exhibitors without exceptions.
Take this chance now, do not miss it, the inscriptions deadline is June 22th, 2016 and spaces are getting busy very fast.

For more information please visit our -Contact us- page by clicking:  here

Remember: The registrations deadline is June 22th 

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