13ª ExpoVacaciones 2016
San Salvador, El Salvador, 9 y 10 de julio de 2016
What is ExpoVacaciones?
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What is ExpoVacaciones ?
1.      Objectives:
·     To generate among the population a conscience about the quality of destinations and the tourist vacation products and services.
·     To create a practical and effective instrument for the promotion and direct sales of destinations and all type of tourist vacation services of the market to the Salvadorean public.
2.      Advantages for the Public:
·       The Salvadorean public had never before ExpoVacaciones the opportunity to find in one only place all of the range of options that this type of event offers him. Because usually they would have to go over quite a lot of agencies and, probably they would still not achieve the access to the diversity of so varied and attractive offers, and additionally in a direct contact with the providers of the tourist services.
3.      Target Market:
·          As a buyer: General Public of El Salvador who travel for vacations.
·       As an exhibitor: All providers of tourist services, local, as well as Central American, who want to promote and/or sell their services directly to the public (government bureaus, airlines, operators, hotels, car-rentals, tourist transportations, thematic parks, dive specialists, etc.).
4.      Type of event and dates:
·        A tourism vacation fair totally open to the public, for the promotion and direct sales to the Salvadorean public of destinations, packages, products and other national or regional tourist services.
·         It will be held precisely in those dates, in which the Salvadorean public uses to buy its journeys or tourist packages, in front of its most important annual vacations in which they travel: The August holidays.
·         Since it is a promotional and sales tourism fair, open to the public, the duration of the event will be of 2 complete days, looking for the weekend, since the public has more time to assist and also facilitates the Central American tourist businessmen's participation (shorter absence from their companies, hotels' weekend promotional rates, etc.).
·         Unlike other tourism events, in which what you can expect is an interchange of business cards among professionals and therefore the costs of participation are usually high, without tangible immediate results, in this case, since it is a direct promotion and sales to the public, the cost of participation can be recovered and in immediate form, depending obviously on the expositor's sales ability and the kind and quality of the service he offers.
·       However, since different kinds of tourism businessmen of the region will take part in the event, it also offers a golden opportunity to tie up private business meetings among professionals (although this is not responsibility of the event).
·         In order to promote the destination, product or tourist service, promotional tools may be used (videos, slide shows, typical suits, culinary tasting, souvenirs, folkloric dances, craftsmen, etc.), but therefore you should previously inform the Organizing Committee.
·         The Event's Place: International Convention Center of El Salvador
·         Dates of Exposition: Saturday July 9th and Sunday July 10 th, 2016
·         Schedule to the Public: From 09:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m.

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The registrations deadline is June 22th 

Organizing Committee of ExpoVacaciones
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